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Father Kills Young Son for Talking on Phone in Loud Voice

Bitterly speaking, father kills young son for talking on phone loudly.

In India, father kills young son for talking loudly on phone call. According to Indian media, this incident took place in Papra village of Nagpur district of Maharashtra state, where a father killed his son over a trivial matter.

Police says, Siraj, a youth, was talking loudly on a phone call, which his father objected to, and the matter went to the extent that the father attacked his son with a steel rod, injuring him severely.

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According to the police, the injured youth was shifted to the hospital where he died during treatment.

The police said that both father and son were addicted to drugs and both were under drugs at the time of the accident. Later, a case was registered against the father and he was arrested.

In another place, in the Indian state of Maharashtra, a father poisoned his son to death for watching pornographic films.

According to Indian media, the police said that the 14-year-old boy, a resident of Solapur, used to watch pornographic films on his mobile phone and the father was receiving complaints from his son’s school.

The police say that after killing his 14-year-old son Vishal, the father Vijay initially hid the murder from his wife and the police. Investigation started.

According to media reports, a few days later, the police found the boy’s body in a drain near Vijay Sattu’s house. A case of murder was registered, the police suspected the victim’s father during the investigation, on which Vijay confessed to his wife and the police to kill his son and throw the body in the drain.

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