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Fatima Body to be Exhumed for Autopsy Tomorrow

10-year-old housekeeper Fatima, who died from torture in a Pir haveli.

Kandiaro civil judge was chosen by the district and sessions court to serve as the magistrate, under whose direction Fatima remains will be exhumed tomorrow.

A medical board has been established by the director general of health for the exhumation of Fatima body.

The chairman of the medical board will be the Nawabshah Hospital’s medical superintendent.

Members of the medical board will include senior hospital medical officers, professors of pathology, and forensic specialists.

At the magistrate’s request, Dr. Irshad Memon, director general of health, established the medical board.

During the exhumation, police will be stationed at Fatima grave in Khanwahan, and they will remain there until the post-mortem is completed in accordance with the court’s orders.

A forensic team also came in Ranipur at the same time to gather information from the haveli where Pir tortured Fatima until she passed away.

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