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Here’s Why BTS RM Insensitive Post Caused Muslims Hurt

BTS member RM (Kim Nam joon) faces legal issues, stirs controversy.

The general consensus is that by carelessly posting a song with such substance, BTS RM unwittingly sparked worries about memorializing a global narrative of Islamophobia.

The artist has been receiving criticism after posting a screenshot of a Spotify playlist that included the song “Bad Religion” by Frank Ocean. Due to the inflammatory and “Islamophobic” lyrics of the song, this ‘normal’-appearing Instagram Story post caused the South Korean singer to get a great deal of backlash.

The contentious track Bad Religion was included on Frank Ocean’s first studio album, Channel Orange, which was published in 2012. The song’s lyrics implied that unreciprocated love is similar to a “bad religion” by equating it to unrequited love.

The words were in the lyrics. It is a horrible religion if it causes me to fall on my knees. Oh this ungrateful love. I see it for what it is: a one-man cult. Strongly religious people or those who are sensitive to religious references in entertainment may find these songs objectionable.

However, the Arabic word Allahu Akbar, which is intended to honor or remember God, was utilized in the lyrics that have particularly offended Muslims.

Two times in the song, Ocean used the word, which many Muslims found offensive. He used the accolade, which means “Allah is the greatest,” in a way that could be interpreted as derogatory. The song’s lyrics were, “He said, “Allahu Akbar,” and “I told you not to curse me.”

Despite being in use for more than ten years, the song has just recently generated controversy. Some fans of BTS, referred to as the BTS Army, are willing to give RM the benefit of the doubt despite their displeasure and hurt, given his support for UNICEF.

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