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Fire Broke in Peshawar Shopping center 200 Shops Burnt

Fire broke shopping center in Saddar area of Peshawar 200 shops burnt.

Fire Broke in Peshawar Shopping center of Saddar Road due to a short circuit, which gutted around 200 shops.

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Firefighters took five hours to contain the plaza fire. Authorities evacuated houses near the center.

Officials deployed more than 26 fire department vehicles and 130 firefighters to extinguish the fire at the retail complex, which resulted from a short circuit.

Also approached Khyber for firefighters and fire trucks. According to rescue officials, the fire spread throughout the plaza, burning more than 200 shops in the two-story building.

The fire was aggravated by the exploding batteries and UPS of the retail center.

In addition to rescue responders, Pakistan Army forces reportedly assisted in extinguishing the fire. Officials say that there was no loss of life in this incident.

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