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Fire on Moving Train Kills Seven in Khairpur

Train coach fire in Khairpur Sindh: Seven dead, four children missing.

The business class compartment of the train caught fire before it arrived at the Rohri station, according to the railroads authorities. As soon as the train’s driver stopped it after spotting the fire, the evacuation of the passengers was under way.

After the fire was put out, the rescue effort was finished. After the affected cabin was separated from other compartments, the affected train resumed its trip to Khairpur.

In an effort to escape a fire, a woman allegedly jumped from the train, but she died in the process. The cause of the fire is still being looked into by the railway authority.

The minister of railways requests an investigation

Khawaja Saad Rafique, the federal minister of railroads and aviation, took notice of the occurrence and mandated an investigation. To look into the fire’s origin and any potential government negligence, an inquiry team will arrive in Khairpur today.

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