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Fishermen Caught ‘Suwa’ Fish Worth Rs 70 Crore

Fisherman Haji Baloch strikes gold, catch fish valued at Rs 70 crores.

He captures the fish, known as a golden fish that only the fortunate can find. At Karachi Fish Harbor, the fisherman sold fish valued at 70 crores.

Who is the fortunate angler?

According to latest international news Haji Baloch is a fortunate fisherman. His launch was fishing in Karachi’s North Arabian Sea, and the crew of the launch caught fish valued at an incredible Rs 70 crores. After the catch, the fishermen were ecstatic. The manna-weight fish brought in Rs 70 crores at Karachi Fish Harbor.

Why is this fish priced so high?

Fishermen claim that a fish is worth millions of rupees because its belly fat is used to make surgical thread. According to Pakistan news today, the golden sawa fish is becoming increasingly scarce. Although its meat sells for Rs 1,000 per kg, the price of gold is applied to it because of its fatty pulp.

Which season is it for fishing?

Experts say that although this fish is hunted all year long, it is easier to find from November to March because that is when it breeds and is out on the water in flocks, making fishermen their easy targets.

Experts claim that the fish’s air bladder, known as Pota in the local tongue, which allows it to travel both underwater and to the sea’s surface, is the reason it costs so much.

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