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FM Bilawal Rules Out Early Elections on Imran Khan’s Demand

FM Bilawal Rules Out Early Elections on Imran Khan's Demand

FM Bilawal opposes early elections; dismisses the Imran Khan’s demand.

The FM Bilawal said in an interview with Al-Jazeera that the current administration inherited “a divided nation and a wrecked economy” from its predecessor, adding that holding early elections would further the objectives of the outgoing administration.

“The entire country must unify in order to overcome the issues brought on by the previous government since no one political party or individual can manage the crisis alone,” he stated. The administration is seeking international agreement as well as answers to domestic issues.

Bilawal, who is also the Chairman of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP), dismissed claims that Imran Khan’s departure was the result of a foreign plot, saying that political leaders should tell the truth to their constituents rather than concocting such conspiracies. “A prime minister was deposed legally through a vote of confidence and not by coup or judicial decision for the first time.”

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When asked about the early polls, Bilawal responded that they will advance Imran Khan‘s goal rather than advancing democracy. He emphasized the significance of finishing the five-year term of the assembly unless there was an urgent need, which was not the case just now.

FM Bilawal Says Kashmir was an Unfinished Business

Foreign Minister Bilawal responded to a different issue by stating that Kashmir was an unfinished business of the Partition and that, as a result of Narendra Modi’s election, there was less room for Muslims in India as well as Kashmiris.

He claimed that although the people of Pakistan and India desired to coexist in peace, doing so required them to uphold international law and treaties pertaining to the fight against terrorism and extremism.

Regarding Afghanistan, the foreign minister stated that Pakistan was cooperating with the strife-torn nation for the sake of both itself and its neighbors. He did, however, claim that the TTP has previously participated in ongoing terrorist acts. In order to combat the threat presented by the terrorist organizations, he said that Pakistan will collaborate with the Afghan government.

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