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Foreign Airline’s Plane Escapes Accident at Islamabad Airport

Islamabad: Foreign airline’s plane narrowly avoids runway accident.

At the Islamabad International Airport, a jet from a foreign carrier crashed into the runway while landing. The jet reportedly attempted a botched landing, and then during takeoff, its tail reportedly collided with the runway.

The event is the subject of an inquiry being conducted by the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) and the Aircraft Accident inquiry Board (AAIB). The airline was instructed to keep the plane grounded at the Islamabad airport until the investigation was finished, according to people closer to PCAA.

The tail strike event at the airport in Islamabad was confirmed by a PCCA representative. The spokesperson claimed that following an unsuccessful attempt at a landing and after telling the control tower. The pilot revised his plan to land the aircraft first and give the ‘go round’ priority.

The second attempt at landing was successful, it was noted, but the inspectors discovered scratches on the plane’s tail. According to the spokesman, the pilot’s blood and urine samples were taken in accordance with SOPs, and the Airbus firm was made aware of the tail strike occurrence.

After the engineers had examined the aircraft, they pronounced it to be “aircraft in ground” state. The passengers of flight QTR-615 were transferred to the hotel, and the airworthiness and AAIB members are currently preparing a report, the statement continued.

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