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G-B CM was Disqualified Due to Fake Degree

Khalid Khurshid disqualified as chief minister over fake degree claim.

On a petition seeking the CM’s disqualified for using a fake degree, a three-member court presided over by Judge Inayat Ur Rehman issued the ruling.

Khurshid’s degree had been contested by Ghulam Shahzad Agha of the Pakistan Peoples Party, a member of the G-B Assembly.

Khurshid also serves as the regional leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.
According to articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution, the petitioner requested his disqualification.

The petitioner claimed that the Higher Education Commission had deemed Khurshid’s supplied degree to be false and that the University of London had not confirmed it.

Chief Judge Ali Baig established a bench to hear the lawsuit in May and gave the chief minister, the HEC, the G-B Bar Council, and other parties notices to respond within 14 days.

The respondents concluded their arguments during the hearing on Tuesday, and then the court declared Khurshid ineligible to serve as the CM for a period of five years.

However, as soon as he was disqualified, a resolution of no-confidence was filed against the CM in the G-B Assembly Secretariat.

According to rumours, the opposition members tabled a motion of no confidence to obstruct the chief minister’s potential attempt to dissolve the assembly.
Nine lawmakers, according to sources, submitted the motion.

On the other side, they claimed that Khurshid was still consulting in order to dissolve the assembly.

lawyer license

After the hearing, Advocate Hussain told the media that Khurshid had applied for a lawyer’s license and submitted an American degree to the G-B Bar Council, which he said was received from Axact.

However, according to the sources, Khurshid was expecting a thorough judgement before submitting an appeal to the G-B Supreme Appellate Court.

“The next chief minister, whoever he will be, would also be of the PTI,” Khurshid informed the party members, “as these people do not know that we are not greedy for the chair or power but want justice to prevail.”

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