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Gangster Tipu Turkanwala’s Son Killed in Lahore

Lahore: Balaj Tipu, son of late gangster Tipu Turkanwala, was killed.

Gang violence continues to haunt Pakistanis and in the latest development, Balaj Tipu, son of gangster Tipu Turkanwala, was killed in a targeted killing on Sunday night.

Local police told the media that Balaj Tipu was attacked in a residential community near Chohang while attending to the son of a former DPS.

Balaj Tipu was accompanied by two others who sustained bullet injuries, and the assailant was killed in the crossfire.

The son of a gangster from Lahore was shifted to Jinnah Hospital where he died due to excessive bleeding.

Since the deceased had a history of enmity spanning at least three generations, top police officials rushed to the spot to prevent any possible conflict.

The horrific incident is reminiscent of the 2010 incident of gang violence in which Arif Aamir, also known as Tipu Truckanwala, father of Balaj Tipu was killed in the Allama Iqbal Airport parking lot.

Due to personal enmity, the deceased’s grandfather was also shot dead.

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