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Gas Explosion Causes Lasbela Balochistan at least 12 Deaths

Gas Explosion Causes Lasbela Balochistan at least 12 Deaths

LASBELA: In the Lasbela district of Balochistan, strong gas explosion.

On Monday, a gas cylinder at a store exploded, starting a large fire that left eight people dead and a dozen others hurt in the town of Lasbela district. The cylinder exploded, according to the police, while being refilled at a filling station in Lasbela’s main Bela bazaar Balochistan.

The blast also caused damage to several nearby structures, shops, and about two dozen motorcycles that were parked nearby. Officials from Levies reached the scene right away and transported the injured to the hospital.

According to Lasbela deputy commissioner Murad Kasi, “at least 25 people, including the shop owner,” were burned in the cylinder explosion.

Dr. Robina Bashir of the burns center at Civil Hospital in Karachi reported that 25 injured people had been brought in for care. But 12 of them passed away while receiving treatment.

She added that the death toll is expected to grow and that some other injured people had serious conditions with 70 to 90 percent burn injuries. Police have launched an investigation in the short term to determine who was to blame for the incident.

Separately, on Monday, two coordinated blasts in the Balochistan province’s Khuzdar district injured at least 13 people, including three children. Details reveal that both bombs detonated at the main Umar Farooq Chowk, injuring 13 people, among them three.

One of the bombs was held in place on a nearby motorcycle. Balochistan’s chief minister, Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, has condemned the attack and declared an emergency in all of the city’s medical facilities.

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