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GDA Alleges PPP ‘Rigged’ Elections

PPP allegedly manipulated elections, intimidating opposition voters.

The results of the local government elections were contested by Sardar Abdul Raheem, the general secretary of the Grand Democratic Alliance (GDA) and the Pakistan Muslim League Functional (PMLF). In his declaration, he asserted that the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) continued its longstanding practice of cheating polls in Sindh’s second round of local body elections.

The Pakistan People’s Party falsified the election results by intimidating opposition voters with the help of the police, the local government, and the Election Commission. “We condemn the rigging of the elections,” emphasized Sardar Abdul Raheem.

The polling stations were taken the night before the election, which is evidence that the results were falsified.

As per Sardar Abdul Rahim, PPP MPA Taj Malah and his armed guards raided the polling stations in Badin and tortured GDA agents and voters.

He claimed that the police and government did little to prevent attacks on GDA voters in Matyari, Saeedabad, and other places by members of Zardari’s party.

He said that the PPP had cast their votes in Hyderabad and Karachi the night before the elections.

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