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Govt Keeps Petrol Price Unchanged for Next Fortnight

Federal government maintains fuel price for the upcoming fortnight.

The Finance Division has announced that there would be no changes in petrol price for the next fifteen days.

The price of petrol will stay at Rs 283.38 per liter, and the price of HSD would not change from Rs 303.18.

Today news headlines, for the following two weeks, the government did, however, also lower the cost of light diesel by Rs3.40 per liter and kerosene oil by Rs3.82 per liter. Kerosene oil is now priced at Rs211.03 per liter and light diesel at Rs189.46 per liter following the decrease in petroleum product prices.

All petroleum products are exempt from general sales tax (GST) under the interim administration, and petrol is subject to a petroleum levy (PL) of Rs 60 per liter.

The rise in natural gas tariffs for domestic customers, tandoors, and general industries which includes export-oriented sectors, captive power plants, CNG and IPPs, and commercial sectors was precipitously hiked by the federal cabinet on Monday.

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