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Hajj 2023 is Over 40% More Expensive Than Last Year

Hajj 2023 cost up significantly; Minister raise package by Rs.350,000.

Resulting in a significant increase in Pakistan’s official Hajj 2023 expenditure from Rs. 826,000 last year to more than Rs. 1.175 million this year.

The increase in spending can be attributed to rising food and hotel costs, as well as global inflation.

Animal sacrifices must be paid for separately by pilgrims in addition to the greater package charge. The price of the obligatory Hajj was Rs. 300,000 last year, but it has gone up by Rs. 56,000 this year. Along with the increase in airfare, the cost of the visa also jumped from Rs. 70,000 to Rs. 250,000.

Also, the cost of food and drink for pilgrims has more than doubled, rising from Rs. 53,440 last year to over Rs. 100,000 for 38 days. The cost of renting has grown by about Rs. 82,000 in Makkah and by about Rs. 41,000 in Madinah. The price of transportation has also increased from Rs. 61,000 to Rs. 112,000.

Additional costs included in the Hajj package are Rs. 43,882 for rail travel and Rs. 1,100, which is the difference between Rs. 721 and Rs. 1,100 for Zam Zam water rates. The cost of prescription medications, vaccinations, and other necessary supplies is an additional Rs. 12,000.

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