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Hamza Ali Abbasi Will Return To Television in the Serie “Jaan-E-Jahan”

Hamza Ali Abbasi announce triumphant return to TV with ‘Jaan-e-Jahan’.

On his official Instagram account, Hamza Ali Abbasi shared a preview for a future project to alert his admirers of his comeback to television.

In his message, he stated: “Glad to welcome you to the enthralling universe of our next production Jaan-e-Jahan penned by Rida Bilal, directed by Qasim Ali Mureed.”

The drama is created by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz, he continued, and will air shortly on a TV near you.

The actor has already displayed his acting prowess in a number of well-known plays. but he stated over a year ago that he would leave the entertainment business to spend more time practicing his religion.

The Tale of Maula Jatt, one of Pakistan’s highest-grossing movies ever. featured the actor’s final performance as Noori Natt, and it captivated the audience. In Lashari’s landmark work, he had acted with Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan.

Abbasi previously spoke about his participation in the “The Legend Maula Jatt” production in an exclusive interview.

Abbasi discussed his involvement in the “The Legend Maula Jatt” project, which was hailed as the game-changer and savior of Pakistani cinema, in an exclusive interview earlier this year.

He also discussed the difficulties he encountered while assuming the role of the vile Noori Natt.

Abbasi had noted that handling the strain that comes with such initiatives requires a lot of guts, but gradually you get the courage to do so.

Abbasi went on to say that if someone chooses to work on such projects, they must “learn to confront the obstacles that come with it,” adding.

“As for us; myself and Bilal [Lashari], we have now gotten immune to it.”

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