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‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ motion to be launched: Imran Khan

‘Haqeeqi Azadi’ motion to be launched

Imran Khan prime minister and chairman PTI, said on Wednesday that the organization’s drive for “Haqeeqi Azadi” (true freedom) would begin on Saturday, September 24, and urged followers to be ready for his announcement.

Imran khan  has repeatedly asked that a date for “fair and free” snap elections be given since being remove from power, stating that if not, he’ll protest the present administration in the streets.

In May, the PTI tried a long march to Islamabad, however the police cracked down and put an end to it. Imran repeat his call for immediate elections last week, saying the PTI’s tolerance was running out (Haqeeqi Azadi).

Before he revealed intentions for the election, he had hope that the results could be announce.

In a speech given today at a lawyer’s conference in Lahore, he declared, “I’ll give a call and we will get our nation emancipate in actual terms.”

The PTI leader reiterated his earlier remarks throughout his speech in Chakwal on Monday when he warned that people “problem threats from unknown numbers” should obtain threats in return.

He criticised the current government’s economic policies, claiming that the sharp depreciation of the rupee versus the dollar has driven up inflation and unemployment.

He claimed that while the poor have been struggling, these in the government have been getting richer. Imran also keen the absence of the rule of law and the uneven implementation of justice in contrast to western nations.

He criticised the latest crackdown on some journalists who have been consider to be pro-PTI and said that nobody in western nations ever got threats from dire phone numbers.

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