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Has HEC Really Cancelled Law-GAT?

Has HEC Really Canceled Law-GAT?

HEC conduct Law-GAT nationwide on October 23 for graduate at location.

While the candidates await their results, a notification from the HEC is making the rounds on social media platforms, claiming that the HEC has cancelled the Law-related Examination.

According to the notification, a meeting of the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) was held on Saturday, October 29th. The meeting on October 23rd discussed irregularities in Law GAT.

Because of the use of mobile phones, smartwatches, and other electronic devices in Law-GAT, the PBC unanimously decided to cancel Law GAT, and as a result, the HEC has halted the announcement of Law-GAT final results.

The notification, however, proved to be a forgery, as the HEC issued a statement stating that the recently completed Law-GAT is valid and the results will be announced in due course.

According to the HEC’s official statement, a fake letter regarding the cancellation of the Law Graduate Assessment Test is circulating on social media and WhatsApp groups (Law-GAT). The test on October 23rd was valid, and the results will be released on time.

Has HEC Really Canceled Law-GAT?

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