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Health of Torture Victim Rizwana Getting Better

Rizwana, a domestic abuse victim is now getting better after illness.

The 14-year-old domestic helper Rizwana has been receiving treatment at the Lahore General Hospital for eight days and is showing signs of getting better.

The young Rizwana has started eating light meals, according to Dr. Jodat Saleem, who is in charge of the medical board established to monitor the girl’s health. He claimed that antibiotics had taken the place of the girl’s prescription drugs and that since previous night, her oxygen level had increased.

The medical board has also been expanded, according to the hospital management, to include a cardiologist, pulmonologist, psychologist, and physiotherapy.

All required tests, according to the statement, are carried out everyday, however there are variations in health because of different ailments.

Rizwana was previously believed to be in severe condition after being given a sepsis diagnosis. The girl was poisoned, according to the medical board established to investigate her health.

According to doctors, Rizwana’s next 48 hours are crucial. Rizwana condition deteriorated on Sunday when her oxygen level decreased, according to Sardar Muhammad Al-Fareed Zafar, the principal of the Postgraduate Medical Institute (PGMI).

A cardiologist had been recommended to the medical board in charge of her care, he claimed. He claimed that the board had reevaluated her condition and found that Rizwana had sepsis, which has impacted both of her lungs.

According to the medical officer, one of her lungs is injured, while the other one has blood clots inside of it. He noted that further samples had been sent to the lab for examination.

According to the initial medical assessment, Rizwana had suffered damage to her internal organs in addition to having 15 wounds on her body, including one on the head.

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