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A Young Activist’s Initiative to Work for A Greener Pakistan

Young activist saves Karachi’s ancient banyan tree for sustainability.

Preservation of Karachi’s natural heritage and ensuring that the city is clean and green are the key goals of this effort.

According to young activist Aneeqa Basheer, “Recognizing the important role of natural heritage in Pakistan’s ecological fabric is critical as it is key to developing a sustainable environmental discourse that illuminates green heritage conservation as a long-term perspective. ”

Aneeqa Basheer, a young activist and student of (KAS), has taken an important decision to take action to protect the banyan trees of Karachi. The recently appointed mayor of Karachi, Murtaza Wahab, has fully supported him.

Aneeqa Basheer proposed the “Youth Environmental Responsibility Act”, which aims to create a sense of national duty among the youth, to ensure that the goal of making Karachi greener is achieved. This is done to encourage students to seed as a graduation requirement.

Aneeqa wants to create a digital database for this national treasure as the program increases awareness and ensures the protection of banyan trees. Along with protecting and planting banyan trees , they want to expand their efforts by entering the market for carbon credits.

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