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High Intensity Earthquake Likely in Arabian Sea off Karachi Coast

Met Office warns of “Arabian Sea” earthquake, prediction challenges.

According to Chief Meteorologist Sardar Safaraz, there is a tectonic plate junction in the Arabian Sea 50 kilometers south of Makran. Sarfaraz said, “An earthquake or tsunami could occur around the junction of tectonic plates.”

The weather specialist indicated that Karachi might potentially face a tsunami risk in the event of another earthquake of the magnitude that struck this region, with an intensity of eight on the Richter scale.

An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.3 was felt this morning near Bundar Abbas, an Iranian port city on the Arabian Sea.

The Netherlands-based Solar System Geometry Survey (SSGEOS), known for its seismic activity forecasting ability, recently predicted a significant earthquake in Pakistan to occur within 48 hours.

Specialized in tracking electric charge variations in the atmosphere close to sea level, the SSGEOS asserts that these variations, usually within a time frame of one to nine days, are predictive of areas that may experience more intense seismic activity.

The places that the organization designates as potentially affected are estimates, but even so, they offer important information about possible earthquake-prone areas.

The Dutch scientist collaborating with SSGEOS has predicted a notable spike in electric activity along Pakistan’s Chaman fault zones.

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