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How much PIA fine to In-Flight Smokers?

How much PIA fine to In-Flight Smokers?

“PIA” fines employees Rs. 100,000 for smoking violations on flights.

The PIA administration took note of a member of staff who was discovered smoking onboard. It has been agreed to punish employees that are caught smoking on flights Rs. 100,000 each.

The handling of the banner is nationally announced in a circular that certain of their aircraft was recently subjected to a Safety Assessment of Foreign Aircraft (SAFA) inspection, after which the cockpit team was discovered to violate the ‘NO SMOKING ON BOARD’ guideline.

The airline noted that a zero-tolerance was had because of its policy for smoking on board.

Any crew member who breaches the principles would be penalized as much as Rs. 100,000/-. Based on past circulars, the other staff are anticipated to report offences which can be such.

Crew members who fail to report a violation are likely to be considered offenders and penalized the same amount in line with the circular. The airline said that the employees must proceed with the directive strictly.




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