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How to cast your vote for General Election 2024

It is the duty of every citizen to cast their vote in Election 2024 for the future of the nation.

To cast your vote in Election 2024, the following steps are necessary to exercise your right effectively.

To find out your constituency

Send an SMS to 8300 with the number on your National Identity Card (CNIC). You will get details about your constituency, such as constituency name, block code, and serial number.

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Bring the necessary documents

Remember to bring your original CNIC when you go to the polls. Other documents and photocopies will not be accepted.

Cell phones are not allowed

You are not allowed to bring cell phones inside the voting places. Please leave your cell phone at home or in a safe place.

Arrive early

Polling will be open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Try to arrive early in the day to avoid long lines.

Queuing and authentication

Wait your turn. Your name and election number will be verified by the presiding officer. Once verified, your name will be removed from the list, and you will be given two ballots.

Verification by the Presiding Officer

Ensure that the presiding officer stamps and signs the back of each ballot paper. Without them, your vote will not be accepted.

Vote casting

A white ballot will be available for the Provincial Assembly and a green ballot will be available for the National Legislature. Using a special ink, the presiding officer will mark your thumbprint on the electoral rolls.

Go to the voting booth

After verification, proceed to the voting booth. Insert the green ballot paper into the green top box and the white ballot paper into the white top box.

Check that there is no interference

Make sure no one else is present or trying to influence your vote.

Fold the ballot papers

After stamping both belts, make sure the ink is completely dry before folding them properly.

Place the ballots in the boxes

Place the white ballot paper in the box with the white top and the green ballot paper in the box with the green top.

You can exercise your democratic right to vote in the 2024 election by following these instructions.

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