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Pakistani actor Asad Siddiqui father passed away

Father-in-law of actress Zara Noor Abbas and father of actor Asad Siddiqui passed away.

Asad Siddiqui shared the tragic news of his father death on social media platform Instagram, in which he also released a note written on the occasion.

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Expressing his grief, the actor added, “I lost the strongest man in my family, my courage, my strength and my everything on the night of February 6.”

“My father’s passing has left a great void in our lives, and we are deeply saddened,” he said. The foundation of our strength, knowledge and unwavering love was our father.

Asad Siddiqui said, Abba’s absence has left us deeply saddened, but his presence was a light for our family. We will always be inspired by his 85 years of life.

Please pray for my late father and our family during this difficult time, the actor told his fans.

On the other hand, Zara Noor Abbas also shared pictures of her late father-in-law and father on her Instagram account and requested prayers.

Showbiz personalities and social media users are expressing grief over the death of Asad Siddiqui’s father.

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