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How to get rid of armpits odor?

Summer sweat causes strong armpit odor, embarrassing for you & others.

Many people think that if they don’t maintain their hygiene or don’t bathe regularly, their armpits start to smell, but that’s not the case, the smell comes from sweat.

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However, since today we are going to tell you about a wonderful thing that will solve your problem within minutes, the problem of armpit odor will be no more.

Alum, the solution to this problem, yes! A natural substance with a white color, alum is readily available in the market in powder form. Apart from being a powerful antibacterial, alum also works to prevent the transmission of infection.

How to use Alum to get rid of sweat odor?

Alum can be used to get rid of armpit odor in two simple ways.

1. If you decide to bathe in a bucket or tub instead of a shower, fill it with water and swirl the piece of alum well. It will become alum water, and bathing in this water will not cause sweat, and the body will not smell.

2. Another simple method is to moisten a piece of alum and apply it to both armpits. After doing this, your armpits will not smell at all. Repeat this technique every time you shower.

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