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If We Ditch IMF, Friendly Nations Won’t Support: Rana Sana

If We Ditch IMF, Friendly Nations Won't Support: Rana Sana

Interior Minister Rana Khan: Pak trapped between PTI’s promise to IMF.

The minister Rana Sana commented while speaking at the opening ceremony of a new NADRA Center on Jhang Road close to Painsara

The Minister stated,

“If the present administration tries to fulfill the IMF’s onerous demands, it jacks up inflation and price spiral paired with an economic loss.

If we reject these demands, it will be nearly impossible for us to maintain our economic viability, and even our friendly nations won’t be able to provide us with financial assistance, he continued.

However, he claimed that the current administration was making every effort to control the situation caused by the IMF’s strict requirements.

According to Rana Sana, the PTI government signed agreements with the IMF before backing out of its commitments, which put Pakistan in a highly precarious position.

He claimed that certain individuals were purposefully sowing doubt to further their political objectives.

In a sense, their propaganda had two purposes: they sought to make life difficult for the current administration and to make Pakistan bankrupt.

But, Rana Sana continued,

“Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif is making earnest efforts along with his economic team to overcome this crisis, and hopefully the people will hear good news very soon near future.”

The minister referred to Imran Khan as an outright liar and stated,

“He was accusing me of having killed 20 people. In both the federal and provincial governments, he had complete authority. He had the evidence to show that I was guilty of these accusations, but he only used it as a tool for political smears, so he was obliged to file yet another bogus heroin case against me.”

“This guy is deceiving the whole public, particularly the young. He is encouraging an obscenity- and hate-filled verbal culture. The nation might suffer if he usurped power once more through illegitimate means,” the minister said, so the populace must reject him with their vote.

The minister claimed that a guy who was immediately captured and who confessed to the crime was responsible for the Wazirabad attack, but PTI was fabricating evidence to blame three people in order to forward their political agenda.

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