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İki Yabancı: Burak Deniz & Hande Erçel Reunite in New Series

Burak Deniz & Hande Erçel are about to rejoin for drama “İki Yabancı.”

The amazing couple Burak Deniz and Hande Erçel, most known for their earlier work together on Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahaan “Aşk Laftan Anlamaz,” reunited for the upcoming love drama “İki Yabancı,” also known as “Two Strangers.”

Hande will play the role of Leyla, a public prosecutor, in the thriller and mystery series, and Burak will play Kenan Öztürk, a journalist.

Leyla and Kenan, in a change from their prior roles, run into each other at a crime scene as they work together to solve the death of a well-known businessman named Hamdi Atilbay.

The show is created by Tims&B and will air on FOX, a Turkish television network. Ethem Özışık wrote the script and Neslihan Yeşilyurt directed the series, which was ultimately renamed “İki Yabancı” (Two Strangers). On September 11, the television series will premiere.

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