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Imran Hints Going to Court Over Audio Leaks.

 Imran suggests going to court over audio leaks.

Imran Khan hints at PTI going to courts for audio leaks, proposes JIT.

Imran Khan said during a speech at a party conference for workers that his home’s secure line had also bugged while he was at work. He described the audio leaks as a significant national security risk.

Imran Khan stated, “We want to testify in court to verify the veracity of audio leaks, then establish a JIT to investigate which intelligence agency is in response of the bugging and who is disseminating the audio leaks, many of which are altered and doctored.

He said that “audio leaks are a severe breach of national security since they raise concerns about the security of the Prime Minister’s Office and the Prime Minister’s House as a whole.” It is a crucial concern because private security information was unlawfully captured and is now compromised.

Imran informed Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif that “a sea of people” would march toward Islamabad and that the government would be powerless to stop them. He warned the members of his party, “They can plot whatever they want; the sea of people will be unstoppable.”

The PTI leader claimed that he had carefully planned and organized the workers for the historic long march because they were doing acts of jihad to purge the nation of these crooks. I am aware of Rana Sanaullah and Shehbaz’s plotting, but they are not aware of my strategy, he said.

phones tapped

Imran khan continued saying that since phones was tapped(audio leaks) everywhere, he kept his plans to himself. He emphasized that although people on social media were being intimidated, the job of agencies was not to tap phones or scare people.

Imran launched a broadside at the heads of his two main political rivals, the Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) (PPP). He claimed that these persons “cannot appear in public; they are avoiding the elections because they are aware of the public’s mood.”

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