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Imran Khan Message Regarding of General Elections from Adiala Jail

Imran Khan message to the nation from Adiala Jail regarding elections.

Founder Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has issued a message to the nation from Adiala Jail regarding general elections.

He said that February 8 is the day of the difference between freedom and slavery. He wants to hold the nation in chains of slavery by robbing the elections in February.

Imran Khan said that under the London plan to keep the nation enslaved, a certified criminal has been brought back to the homeland by killing justice. And the Constitution has been flouted.

The former prime minister said that the rail kit of politics has been taken away from the bat sign to win the match and brought to the field alone, but despite this, the worst rigging efforts are being made, my people, especially mothers, sisters, daughters and my workers have courage and I have raised my head with pride by bravely resisting oppression.

Imran Khan said that sitting in jail, with the grace of Allah and the help of my nation, I will defeat all these criminals while living within the constitution and law, all the independent estimates of the public opinion, the enormous popularity of Tehreek-e-Insaf and historical figures like three quarters.

The majority is giving election signals, the nation wants to give Tehreek-e-Insaf the mandate of rule of law, supremacy of constitution and restoration of democracy by choosing independence.

General Elections

Imran Khan said that if the anti-constitutional forces succeeded in keeping the nation enslaved by stealing the February 8 election, then thieves will rule and the country’s boat will descend further into the vortex, from those who put the country on the path of lawlessness through oppression and oppression. You have to count with the power of your vote.

Imran Khan said that despite the helpless state efforts of bullying and rigging, the people will have to come out on February 8 and decide decisively between freedom and slavery.

He also said that I want every member of my nation to prepare and vote on February 8 to put Pakistan on the path of constitution and law through their vote and ensure the security of their vote.

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