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Imran Khan says: Army COAS Asim Munir has Grudge with Me

Asim Munir claim Imran ignored army call for negotiation in interview.

Imran Khan said that he believes Army General Asim Munir harbors animosity against him because he requested that he step down from his position as the chief of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), but he then clarified, “I don’t know.”

The head of PTI claimed that he did not understand General Asim Munir (COAS) ‘fixated’ on excluding him.

Khan remarked, “He shouldn’t have problems with that now because he is the army chief. So why would he harbor that resentment?”

Imran stated, when asked about the crackdown on his party, “It is completely the establishment,” adding, “They are really now openly – I mean, it’s not even hidden now- they’re just out in the open.”

Imran Khan said that the events of May 9 were part of a false flag operation intended to harm him. He said, “That’s the only way they’re going to put me in jail.”

So, their only option, and because they are desperate to get me out of the way, I believe they will succeed, is to put me in prison using the pretense of military courts.

The former prime minister claimed that the ISI was involved in the crackdown against his party and that he has no doubt that the military courts are intended for him.

Earlier, Imran said that “a semi-martial law is already in place in the country” and that “everything is happening on the wishes of those in power” in an interview with Independent Urdu. While discussing the application of the Army Act against civilians, he made the remark.

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