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Imran Khan says, “I will give my life for freedom”

Imran Khan says; he won’t back down from his commitment to freedom.

Imran Khan said, “Future generations will not forgive if we remain silent, the death to come while fighting for freedom is great, we must insist on true freedom.”

Imran Khan, speaking to the nation via video link in Lahore yesterday, said he is aware that the judiciary is under enormous pressure and that judges are receiving calls from unknown numbers.

“The judges are being threatened, but I hope the judiciary will establish the rule of law in the country,” Imran Khan remarked.

According to the PTI chairman, he prefers death to servitude and is willing to give his life for freedom. According to the PTI chairman, all institutions, including the FIA, are being utilized for nefarious reasons. They are now looking into charges against his party, disregarding everything.

“Officers are also dissatisfied with this attitude, despite atrocities such as demolishing houses, closing businesses, and threatening children, people have stuck with us,” Khan insisted.

“I have said that if the pressure is too much, then leave it,” Imran Khan said “but the candidates say that if we say goodbye to PTI. The people will not recognise us, never in the history of the country has such political pressure has been applied.”

“They are working together,” he noted, “and as a result of these deliberate actions, institutions are being destroyed, while crime prevention agencies have been tasked with eliminating PTI.”

He went on to say that they will divide votes by forming a party and including those who left the PTI in it. That they will form a coalition government, and that people will not vote for the Muslim League (N).

Imran Khan said:

This coalition government is the solution to the country problems. “No, they’re going to attack me for the third time,” he declared.

Colonel Asim security officer has also been apprehended after going AWOL for four days, according to Imran Khan.

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