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Imran Khan takes a U-turn on US conspiracy narrative

Imran Khan takes a U-turn on US conspiracy narrative

Khan revises US conspiracy narrative, citing alleged US role in April.

Even though he claimed Washington treated Pakistan like a “slave” and that he wanted to mend relations with it, Imran stated in an interview with the Financial Times that he wanted to work with it. The former prime minister declared that, if re-elected, he would no longer “blame” the US and would prefer a “dignified” relationship.

Positive Relationship With United States

The individual said, “As far as I’m concerned, the alleged conspiracy is over and behind me. Both PM Shehbaz Sharif and the US reject it. “The Pakistan I want to lead must have good relations with everyone, including the United States,” he proclaimed.

Local Government Was More Responsible Than The US

“In the US, we’ve been treated like hired guns, and we’ve had master-servant or master-slave relationships with them. Nevertheless, Imran stated in the interview that he held his own governments more responsible than the US for that.

Moscow Trip Was Embarrassing

Imran, a former prime minister, said that his trip to Moscow the day before the invasion of Ukraine in February was “embarrassing,” even if he claimed the US retaliated against him for it. He added that it had been planned months in advance. How are you meant to pay off your loans if they keep getting bigger when your economy contracts and some of the IMF initiatives cause it to do so? he asked.

Consumption has collapsed… So, I ask: How are we going to pay off our debts? Without a doubt, default is where we are headed.

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