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In Punjab, Housemaid Committed Suicide

LAHORE: A 22-year-old housemaid allegedly committed suicide in Lahore.

Details indicate that Aqsa, 22, who worked at the doctor residence at the Lahore Service Hospital in Kahna, allegedly committed suicide.

According to the police, the deceased was employed by Doctor Ali Raza at his residence in Kahna private housing community. While forensic teams arrived at the crime scene to gather evidence, the housemaid’s body was transported to the hospital for the duration of the judicial processes.

According to early reports, the cause of the alleged suicide could not be determined.

There have been numerous reports of housekeepers being tortured around the nation. In a current instance,

A 14-year-old maid is allegedly being tortured by the wife of a civil judge in Islamabad, and the girl’s parents have reported the issue to the neighbourhood police station.

Rizwana, one of her servants, is suspected of being tortured by Asim Hafeez’s wife, a civil judge working at the Federal Judicial Academy in Sargodha, after being accused of stealing gold jewelry.

The judge wife is currently being held on judicial remand following the filing of the complaint.

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