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Ecuador Presidential Candidate Fernando Villavicencio Shot Dead

Ecuador: Anti-corruption candidate Villavicencio shot dead at rally.

Fernando Villavicencio, an individual from the country’s public gathering, was gone after as he left the occasion in the capital, Quito, on Wednesday.

He is one of a handful of the possibility to claim joins between coordinated wrongdoing and government authorities in Ecuador.

A group of thugs called Los Lobos (The Wolves) has guaranteed liability.

Los Lobos is the second-biggest posse in Ecuador for certain 8,000 individuals, large numbers of whom are in the slammer.

The posse has been engaged in various late dangerous jail battles, in which scores of prisoners have been mercilessly killed.

A split away group from the Los Choneros pack, Los Lobos is accepted to have connections to the Mexico-based Jalisco New Age Cartel (CJNG), for which it deals cocaine.

Doubt for the killing had first fallen on Los Choneros, which had compromised Mr Villavicencio last week, however, Los Lobos guaranteed liability in a video in which gangsters wearing balaclavas streaked pack signs and waved their weapons.

Ecuador has generally been a somewhat protected and stable country in Latin America, however, wrongdoing has shot up lately, fuelled by the developing presence of Colombian and Mexican medication cartels, which have penetrated neighborhood groups of thugs.

The killing comes under a fortnight before official races, wherein the issue of uncertainty highlights as the top concern.

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