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Indian Actor Vivian Dsena Converts to Islam, Finding Peace in Prayer

Vivian Dsena, an Indian television performer best known for the vampire series “Pyaar Kii Ye Ek Kahaani,” has confirmed that he converted to Islam in 2019.

After the actor withdrew from the public eye, there was a lot of talk about his religion and marriage. Vivian Dsena subsequently clarified the matter and said in an interview with an Indian tabloid that he converted to Islam during the Ramadan 2019.

“My life hasn’t changed all that much. I was raised a Christian and now practise Islam, said Dsena to the interviewer. And I pray five times a day because it brings me a lot of comfort and tranquilly. I here by put an end to all speculative theories.

Along with that, he revealed having a four-month-old daughter and said he was married to Nouran Aly.

“I am married, and my daughter is four months old. How is this anyone’s concern, and what’s the big deal about it? questioning the famous person.

News of my marriage and the birth of my daughter would have been made public, but I chose to marry Nouran in a private ceremony in Egypt about a year ago because I felt the time was appropriate.

I’ve consistently insisted that I want to keep my personal and work lives separate. Even Nouran does not want to be forced to experience my family being in the spotlight, as I do. My family and I are the objects of my ferocious protection,” Dsena said.

The actor described being a father as a great experience and a dream come true. “Every time I hold my newborn in my arms, I feel on top of the world. What else could I have wanted?” he exclaimed.

Layan Vivian Dsena is the name the couple gave to their daughter.

He was most recently seen at work in the TV series “Sirf Tum.”

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