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Indian Cricketer Accused in Sister-in-Law Raping

Uttar Pradesh: (IPL) player is said to have assaulted sister-in-law.

The sister-in-law of the IPL team’s bowler reportedly reported her brother-in-law to the Shyokoti Police Station in Prayagraj, stating that he had singled her out for sexual assault.

The Varanasi resident woman has stated in her complaint that her marriage occurred in 2018 in accordance with the norms and traditions of Buddhism in Varanasi and that she is currently employed as a constable in the same police station.

In her lawsuit, the woman claimed that her marriage in 2018 adhered to Varanasi’s Buddhist traditions and that her husband had kept his prior marriage secret until the first wife’s appearance.

The complaint woman claims that a few days after the wedding, she was bullied for not bringing the dowry, and as a result of this bullying, she left for her mother’s house. But in 2019, her spouse persuaded her to accompany him back.

The woman claims that her brother-in-law, who plays for the IPL cricket team, mistreated her at a family event in July 2019. Instead of listening to me when she complained to her husband about it, he tormented her.

The mother said that she and her three-year-old son were being pressured to switch to a different religion. The complaint was accepted, and the police have now opened an inquiry.

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