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Indian Influencer Anamika Bishnoi Killed by Husband

Instagram influencer Anamika Bishnoi was killed by her own husband.

Many of us are grieved by the tragic tragedy that occurred in Rajasthan, when Instagram influencer Anamika Bishnoi, was shot and killed by her own husband.

The horrific murder of Anamika Bishnoi, who was from Phalodi in Rajasthan, was caught on camera. Following her divorce from her husband, she was still living with her child.

According to Indian media, a dowry complaint was also brought against her husband in court.

In the footage, Bishnoi—who had more than a lakh Instagram followers—is shown getting shot at by her husband.

The incident is seen to have left the victim with a fatal wound to her neck. The wound from the gunshot killed her life. Mahiram has been identified as her spouse.

The video of Bishnoi’s husband shooting her to death has gone viral on social media. Such acts of violence are not unprecedented in India. Leena Nagwanshi, a 22-year-old social media personality, was discovered hanging dead on her patio in 2022.

In 2020, the similar murder occurred in India. The topic of why the majority of female influencers are the easiest targets is raised by such a horrible tragedy.

It is shocking to learn that women are slain every day throughout the world in the ordinary course of life by those closest to them, not at times of turmoil, war, or gang violence.

These women are more than just numbers; if you discover who they are and have a chance to see their pictures, videos, or stories, the specific tragedies become horrifying.

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