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Indian Man who was Hungry for 4 days Eat ‘Cat’

An Indian man who has been hungry for 4 days is forced to eat a cat.

The heartbreaking incident took place at a bus stand in Kattipuram where a indian man named Dabujeet Roy from Dhubri district of Assam state was seen eat a cat.

According to the Indian media report, the people at the bus stand saw a person who reached the bus stand with a shopper in his hand and was busy eating something.

Due to the stench of the food, a person informed the police after this strange act of a person named Dabujeet Roy.

When the police arrived at the scene and asked the reason for this act, the young man said that he was hungry. He had also told people that he had not eaten anything for 4 days.

According to the police, the youth had come from Chennai to Kozhikode to meet his elder brother, but when the senior police official spoke to Debujit Rai’s brother, it was learned that his brother was mentally ill.

Later, the police shifted Debujeet Roy to a mental institution on the instructions of Doctors.

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