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Inflated Electricity Bill Trigger Protests Across Country

Electricity users protests an outrageous increase in electricity bill.

In addition to demanding that the government order the power utility company to immediately remove the fuel price adjustment from the current month’s bill and issue refunds to customers who have already deposited their electricity bills with the fuel price adjustment, the charged protests also set fire to their electricity bills.

According to accounts, a sizable gathering of demonstrators and local traders took place in the city’s Bewal Bazar.

A day earlier, as part of a wave of cost-of-living protests as Pakistanis pay record food and fuel prices, people in Azad Kashmir set their electricity bills on fire.

The cost of energy and fuel has significantly increased, and the impacted nation’s GDP has also soared as a result of the rupee’s decline in value.

In Kotli district, there was a sizable demonstration, and protesters burned utility bills worth millions of dollars. Agitators also made the statement from a nearby mosque as a defiant gesture.

The Jamat-e-Islami (JI) is preparing to stage nationwide protests against inflation and electricity price increases today (Friday).

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