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Is Mahira Khan expecting a baby?

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan is expecting her second child.

Indian media is claiming that Mahira Khan, an actress who tied the knot in October 2023 with her close friend Saleem Karim in a spectacular way, is expecting a baby.

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According to Indian media reports, due to Mahira Khan’s pregnancy, she has backed out of other important projects such as the OTT series Jo Bache Sang Samait Lo.

According to reports, Mahira Khan’s second child is due in August or September this year, although it is not clear when she and her husband Saleem Karim will announce their pregnancy.

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Indian media broke the news of Mahira Khan’s pregnancy, but the actress and her husband Salim Karim have not yet acknowledged or denied it.

It should be noted that Mahira Khan and Saleem Karim have married for the second time. Mahira Khan’s first marriage, which lasted only eight years, was to Ali Askari in 2007. The actress has a son named Azlan. Divorced in 2015.

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