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Italian tourist committed suicide in Peshawar

Peshawar: An Italian tourist committed suicide in Moradabad neighborhood.

According to police, Italian tourist Sho Mosi Vargas was found dead in his Moradabad flat on Monday, after police collected evidence from the crime scene to determine the cause of the committed suicide.

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On October 9, 2023, Vargas obtained a tourist visa and on October 18, he arrived in Peshawar via Bacha Khan International Airport. Vargas, police said, was temporarily staying at a private society apartment.

Police are investigating the possibility of the Italian tourist committing suicide, although the exact cause of death is still unknown.

A suicide letter

Police found a suicide note from the deceased’s room. The tourist wrote in the letter that he had already sent all his money to his sister. He asked to use the remaining Rs 1,79,500 for transporting his remains. He further said that he wished Usman Khan to keep his mobile phone, glasses and other personal belongings with him.

Furthermore, the letter stated that the deceased was living a happy life and his activities were purely voluntary. He clarified that he was not dependent on drugs or alcohol, and that he had only taken sleeping pills.

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