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Journalist Imran Riaz Khan was Arrested Once Again

Reportedly pakistani journalist Imran riaz khan arrested once again.

His brother posted on social media late on Thursday night Reportedly that journalist Imran Riaz Khan had been arrested once again.

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He was allegedly arrested from his Lahore home by plainclothes men, who did not give any explanation for his arrest.

YouTuber Asad Toor confirmed the arrest of Imran Riaz through a post on social networking platform X.

This new event followed a previous summons issued by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA).

Imran Riaz Khan and Asad Toor were interrogated regarding their purported participation in an online campaign against the judiciary.

The summons instructed them to appear before the FIA’s Cybercrime Wing on Friday.

The journalist was previously arrested in Islamabad in July 2022 in response to a complaint submitted with Attock.

Asad Toor has been instructed to present himself at the Cybercrime in Islamabad, while Imran Riaz has been directed to appear at the Cybercrime in Lahore at 11 am.

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