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Karachi Flour Mills Announced a Strike

Flour Mills Chairman demands 48-hour relaxation from Sindh government.

After the embargo on the transport of wheat to Karachi was not lifted, flour mills in Karachi launched a strike that will begin today.

He says that the reason for corruption in the province is the difference in wheat prices.

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Chairman of Flour Mills Association Aamir Chaudhry said in a news conference that the wheat crisis in Karachi has become more serious as a result of extortion by the Food Department.

He said that the stock of wheat has been exhausted and the flour mills are facing major problems.

According to Aamir Chaudhry, Karachi, a city of over 30 million people, has no source of wheat production.

He also said that wheat is supplied from Sindh and Punjab to meet the requirement.

It should be noted that 13 checkpoints have been created by the Sindh Food Department.

The Sindh government was given 48 hours to lift the ban on wheat distribution.

Moreover, Aamir Chaudhry has said that the Sindh government should allow free delivery of wheat from Karachi.

He further said that if immediate steps are not taken for the corruption of wheat in the province, a flour crisis may arise in Karachi city.

Karachi Chairman Flour Mills Association has given a deadline of 48 hours to the Sindh government to relax the ban on wheat delivery.

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