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Karachi: Green Line Bus Accident near Nagan Chowrangi

Accident in Green Line bus near Nagan Chowrangi, Karachi; 8 injured.

In this regard, rescue sources say that a child came on the route of the bus, while saving the child, the Green Line bus’s collided with the boundary grill.

According to sources, the Green Line passenger bus went on the footpath near Nagan Chowrangi and due to high speed, the bus hit the forest on the footpath.

Rescue sources say that the front part of the bus was damaged, but after the accident, the passengers broke the glass and came out from the windows.

Sources further say that as a result of the accident, the woman in the bus was injured while other passengers were safe, but the injured woman has been identified as Larib.

On the other hand, the traffic police say that the traffic flow is slow on the road from Nigan Chowrangi to Sakhi Hasan due to the GreenLine bus accident.

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