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Karachi PML-N Protest Against Inflation

Karachi: Rising Inflation and electricity rates prompt PML-N protests.

Demonstrators protest against inflation and rising electricity prices while holding banners and posters in their hands. They shouted anti-price increase chants. Protesters kept up vociferous chants against the administration throughout the event.

The demonstrators expressed their refusal to pay the expensive electricity bills that came with high levies. They accused the authorities of oppressing the populace in order to maintain their own luxury. How can they pay such expensive costs when small enterprises are failing and households can’t afford cooking gas?

Leaders from the worlds of religion, politics, society, and business addressed the gathering and expressed support for the protest. Speakers included Ahmed Nadim Awan, Engineer Nauman, Iftikhar, Arslan, Mobashir Shahid, Owais, and Osman from the Central Muslim League of Karachi.

The speakers emphasized that everyone in the country is united in their opposition to the unfair taxes seen in electricity bills. The unwarranted hikes in electricity prices, which are pushing the poor and middle class into poverty and even suicide, are drawing vociferous opposition from the public.

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