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Karachi to Islamabad Air Travel for As Low As Rs. 17,000

Reduced airline fees may ease Karachi-Islamabad travelers’ concerns.

These travelers normally complain about the growing charges and avoid flying.

ER500 aircraft will be restored and will once again fly the Karachi to Islamabad route. With fares starting at Rs 17,000, According to the renowned SereneAir of Pakistan.

ER500 will fly on March 13 and 20, the airline stated via Twitter. News that was warmly received by regular travelers.

Normally, it costs Rs 25,000 to fly from Karachi to Islamabad, but on certain occasions, the price can rise to Rs 40,000.

The PIA typically offers 4 flights per week between Karachi and Islamabad, providing transportation for individuals who need to finish up significant missions.

It became impossible for typical tourists to choose to travel by air, and many have been considering travelling by road or tracks instead, which takes more time than flying, due to the decline in the value of the rupee relative to the US Dollar and the increase in gasoline prices.

Serene Air’s offer, though, makes frequent travelers more comfortable with such affordable rates.

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