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Karachi’s Digital Map to be Available on KMC Website: Administrator

Karachi’s digital map to be available soon on KMC website: Administrator

KMC initiates ‘Know Your Karachi’ interactive city of Murtaza Wahab.

Speaking in a meeting with Municipal Commissioner Syed Afzal Zaidi on Tuesday, he said a Karachi’s digital map to be available soon be available to the citizens on the KMC website. The process was said by him of improving the delivery of civic services with the help of modern technology would continue.

Wahab reviewed the preparation of the “unique”  Karachi’s digital map for the time that is first the KMC. He said the purpose of creating a digital that is new was to provide important information about the city.

He said that after the preparation of the map, all information that is necessary be available at one place, including municipal services, the relevant police station, wards, UCs, fire stations, hospitals, universities, colleges, public places, playgrounds, parks and libraries.

The information about bus routes and postboxes will be available on also the map, which will be uploaded on the website of the KMC. The city administrator stated that they would appreciate any comments and ideas from the populace to enhance the map.

He added modern digital maps of this style had been prepared in all major cities of the global world and uploaded on the internet so that citizens, tourists and other people could get information. The map enables the social people to get convenience in terms of transportation and travel in the city.”Karachi is also one of the world’s major cities, therefore the new digital will be helpful here as well,” he continued.

Financial Stability

wahab also invited citizens to share feedback and suggestions for further improvement. He emphasized that metropolises all around the world offer facilities that are such the convenience of the public and tourists. He asserted that Karachi is one of the biggest cities globally and this initiative shall be beneficial for the citizens.

Also, while emphasizing the need for meeting the revenue targets, the Estate was ordered by him Department to improve tax recovery by all means.

Estate Director, Samira Hussain, briefed about several challenges and detailed that work is underway to increase revenue collection and assured the Administrator that it shall improve soon.

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