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Khunjerab Pass Opened After 3 Years for Pak-China Trade

Khunjerab Pass, vital trade link between Pakistan and China, Covid-19.

The Khunjerab pass links Gilgit-Baltistan with China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous area and ended up being shut in 2020 following the outbreak of Covid-19.

Relating to formal resources, Chinese authorities have provided a page with Pakistani officials concerning the reopening of the pass for trade, and slot authorities from the side that is Chinese been instructed to take all needed measures to contain Covid-19 before the arrival of goods from Pakistan.

Likewise, Pakistani border authorities are also instructed to just take all steps regarding Covid-19, guaranteeing the containment of this condition.

The Khunjerab Pass typically opens on April 1 and closes on November 30 of each year due to cold temps and a lack of oxygen at such a high height. It is closed from December 1 to March 31.

But to ensure the customs that are smooth of Pakistan’s urgently-needed and other supplies, the slot had been temporarily established twice early in 2010.

Your local customs have been employed round the clock so that the transportation of cargo despite problems including very cold weather, hefty snow and not enough air.

This present year, the past orifice is temporary 12 times between January 30 and February 10 although the very first interface opening had been between January 19 and 20.

128 cross-border personnel trips, 328 car passes, and more than 6,000 tonnes of exported products are all possible for the two available jobs.

The reopening associated with the border crossing is anticipated to boost tasks that are economic in the 2 nations.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif has expressed his satisfaction on the reopening associated with Khunjerab Pass, saying it might aid in increasing trade this is certainly bilateral between Pakistan and China.

According to him, the route’s restoration eliminates a barrier that would have slowed down the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor’s (CPEC) operation.

The minister stated that this is unquestionably an ideal opportunity to increase trade with “Iron bro China” and he voiced his determination to advance CPEC at two speeds.

He added that CPEC was a gift of development and success provided by the former minister that is prime Nawaz Sharif plus the Chinese leadership when it comes to the region as well as the folks.

The premier also appreciated the appropriate authorities associated with the two nations and team members on the renovation of the vacation and trade facilities.

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