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‘King the Land’ on Netflix: Who is Gu Won’s Mother?

South Korean show ‘King the Land’ dominate Netflix Global Top 10 list.

King the Land with each new episode, Lee Junho and Yoona drama becomes the most-watched non English TV show in the globe.

The drama follows Gu Won, a wealthy heir to the opulent King Hotel, as he slowly but surely develops feelings for Sa-rang, a stunning and devoted hotelier.

While admiring the burgeoning chemistry between the main characters, viewers are still irrationally curious about one of the show biggest mysteries: Gu Won’s mother.

  • On the preceding episode:
  • Gu Won’s mother is different from that of his older sister, Hwa-ran.
  • He was a young child when his mother vanished.
  • He was unable to recall her face or appearance.
  • Even his own father withholds information about his mother from him.

Now we have different theories and possibilities of who Gu Won’s mother is and one of them is Gu Won’s sister, Hwa-ran.

The drama viewers can’t help but notice while watching the drama that Gu Won’s sister who seems to be in a one-sided beef with Gu Won to succeed their father as Chairman of King Hotel looks significantly older than him, old enough to be his mother.

Gu Won examines the hotel’s personnel file for 1989 (likely the year he was born). If true, Hwa-ran would be close to 50 years old.

Given their respective ages, it’s conceivable that Hwa-ran gave birth to Gu Won when she was around 15 or 16, making the Chairman Gu Won’s actual grandpa.

Why would Gu Won’s mother conceal who she is?

The logic, however, is not difficult to deduce: if Hwa-ran is Gu Wonthen mother, it’s possible that she gave birth to him while she was still a teenager, out of wedlock. This might have jeopardized Hwa-ran’s future career and caused shame and controversy to a prominent chaebol family like theirs.

Il-hun may have pretended to be Gu Won’s father in order to shield Hwa-ran from “ruin” because he was a man and a well-established, prosperous businessman who would have been better able to handle a scandal than his daughter.

These, however, are only speculative hypotheses put forth by fans on the unknown mother and her departure from Gu Won’s life. The ninth and tenth episodes of the 16-episode drama will run this week on Saturday and Sunday.

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