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KPK, Punjab Election Date Should be Announced Immediately, Arif Alvi

President Alvi urges ECP to announce Punjab election dates, ending.

The assemblies of Punjab and KP were dissolved on 18 January and 14 January respectively, when former Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that his governments in both provinces would dissolve their assemblies to pave the way for fresh elections.

In a letter to Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja today, Alvi said that elections are to be held within 90 days of the dissolution of the Assembly under Article 224(2) of the Constitution.

He highlighted that holding and conducting elections is the fundamental and essential duty of the ECP under Part VIII of the Constitution, particularly Article 218 (3) which assigns the duty to the ECP to be transparent and independent. Ensure the conduct of elections.

The President informed that ultimately it is the commission, that, if it fails to discharge its duties and responsibilities, will be held responsible and accountable for violating the constitution of the country.

Arif Alvi stressed that he is under oath to “protect and defend the constitution” as the head of state.

The President added that the United States of America, one of the oldest democracies of the present age, is strong because it has never delayed its elections.

“I am of the firm opinion that there are no circumstances which can justify the delay or postponement of elections, in fact, if one considers the postponement of constitutionally mandated elections around the world in recent history, they are seriously prolonged. have changed in tenure. Blow to democracy,” he said.

The ECP, President Arif Alvi continued, has already taken an appropriate constitutional step and announced the holding of by-elections to the National Assembly seats in various constituencies.

“Thus it will be in accordance with the Constitution and the law, namely the Elections Act 2017, to announce the election date immediately by issuing the election schedule and stop such dangerous speculative propaganda for this and the next general elections. To be done,” he added.

The ruling coalition insists on ‘one-time elections’

President Alvi’s letter came a day after the ruling coalition insisted that the country could not afford separate elections, confirming its intention not to hold elections in Punjab and KP within 90 days.

Muslim League (N) leader Saad Rafique said in a press conference on Tuesday that the elections should be held simultaneously as the country cannot afford separate elections in a critical economic situation.

He clarified that elections should be held simultaneously in the country.

Similarly, Special Assistants of Prime Minister Malik Ahmed Khan and Attaullah Tarar also spoke about the government’s intention to hold the elections of the National and Provincial Assemblies on the same day after the completion of the federal unity period.

Malik Ahmad Khan was very categorical about the delay in elections in KP and Punjab, saying that the Constitution does not say anything about holding elections within 90 days. Leaders of the Muslim League-N said that we cannot fulfill the demands of Imran Khan.

If the elections are delayed, Imran will launch a ‘court arrest’ campaign

On the other hand, PTI Chairman Imran Khan has linked his Jail Bharu Tehreek (Court Arrest Campaign) to delaying Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assemblies elections for more than 90 days.

Video Message

In a video message from his residence in Zaman Park earlier this week, the former prime minister said: “It has been 25 days since the assemblies were dissolved, and the date of the elections has not yet been announced, which is a violation of the Constitution.” A Case for Applying Article 6

In his message, he linked the campaign to the violation of the mandatory 90-day period for provincial assembly elections, saying, “All major nations are law-abiding. The constitution decides what is legal and what is not.”

I want to make it clear that we dissolved the assemblies believing in the constitution and the constitutional process, which everyone should uphold. It obliges everyone to hold elections within 90 days and to hold them at a specified time. There must be, otherwise, Article 6 will pursue violators.

“We have reached a point where we have two options. One is to take to the streets and go.

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