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Lahore Cops Brutally Beat Waiter Over Refused Free Paratha

Drunk policeman was irate after hotel waiter denied him free paratha.

Details indicate that the police officer ordered a free paratha from a hotel near the Firdous Market Signal in Lahore, but an order was denied. The police officer lost control and brutally tormented the young waiter. Not only that, but he then brought the waiter to the neighboring police picket and viciously tortured him there with the assistance of other officers.

After losing consciousness, the waiter was taken to the hospital and placed on a ventilator.

According to the personnel of the nearby hotel, the injured person apparently has a broken foot bone in addition to a damaged shoulder. The police officer that arrived at the motel was impaired by drugs.

In a televised interview, the hotel’s owner claimed that there is no doubt the police officer was under the influence because no regular person could carry out such a heinous deed. According to the hotel owner, the police station in Firdous Market even sends personnel with a note demanding complimentary goods. If this is rejected, the police resort to blackmail and demand that the hotel close by 11 p.m.

The injured waiter attorney claims that although a complaint was made against the police officers, nothing has been done as of yet.

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